About Me

I primarily use old (30+ years) manual-focus lenses with a Sony a6000. My new favorite lens is a 105mm 1928 Zeiss Ikon Ikonta that I MacGyver'ed to fit a macro extension bellows. Most of the birds are done with a Canon FD 500mm TOU/FIVE STAR and a Canon 2x-A extender or a Canon FD 100-300mm. For macro, I often use a 58mm 2.0 Russian Helios-44M4 or Jupiter 11 with an M42 mount and extension tube. Most of the live music is shot with the Sony 50mm 1.8, although I've got a 50mm 1.4 Asahi Takumar I'll probably start using more.

Everything is shot RAW and processed with Shotwell and GIMP.

I'm available for weddings, band photos, senior pictures, family portraits and product photography. Contact me for further information.

Thanks for visiting my site!